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The Cathedrales of Steel

Industrial Landscapes Photography’s by René WIROTH

In the urgency to see dispirit the steel monster they have bring so many values in our architecture, and completely changed our life since the 18 century, René Wiroth is going to starting to photograph they.

In 1987 the exhibition was see in the firs time in Thionville, France, a old town of Steel industrie in the next from Luxembourg. Few times ago this exhibition was to see, but on the last was exposed in the Volk. und Wirtschaftmuseum to Düsseldorf (Germany) The Ministry of environnement of the Saarland (an old famous Steel region in Germany) has bough 7 photography’s from the artist.

Of the poster from the exhibition the people did see the majestuos Steel factory from Völklingen (Saar) they the artist had pick up few days later the workers lived her jobs. The exhibition has had an impressed success in this famous Museum: Few weeks later this factory the first was noticed National heritage of Germany. Not more as to years the factory was appoint World heritage from the UNESCO.

Of course many artists have fait for de recognition to the sites of the old factories in Europe but perhaps Wiroth has given the last touch.

dis papa d ou vient le fer

– Father, let my know. Where the steel of the Tour Eiffel is coming from?
– From the great factories in Lorraine, my dorther.
– Go with my and let me see they
– My dorther y can’t to show you they, but they not still exists.

The first exhibition in France Lorraine, in the town library to Thionville. The exhibition composed 125 photography’s from René WIROTH. One of this in great format 180x 120 cm is Thionville owner; the other with a same format is located in Luxembourg Abbey de Neumuenster.


Les Cathédrales de Fer

Industrielandschaften aus Eisen und Stahl von René Wiroth im Landesmuseum Volk und Wirtschaft in Düsseldorf (April 1988)